A Disruption of Bodily Self (2023). Yarn, chicken wire and poly fill.

This week we welcome Ophelia Arc, a multidisciplinary artist based in New York City. Arc uses sculpture, video, and installation to investigate psychoanalytic themes that relate to her personal experiences and memories.

In her own words:

It’s hard to talk about myself outside of art as it truly is all I do. I am deeply passionate about my art and when I’m not working in my studio, I spend my time researching niche topics that intrigue me, ultimately integrating them into my works. The research and academic journals I turn to usually have to do with themes of trauma, femininity and deterioration.

That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles: Goya Iteration I, II, III, (2023). Thread and Maria cookie on frame.

I moved out at a rather young age and this taught me to be self-reliant and independent, it arguably played a role in fueling my drive to pursue art with an unwavering focus. My pet rabbit, Petunia, often watches me work as I dive into endless rabbit holes (no pun intended) of theories and information on my computer.

In Carnage: the Act of Starvation (2022). Yarn, wire, chain and meat hook on rotators.

Lately, my topic of research has focused on exploring internet subcultures and forums, with a particular interest in the Tumblr scene of the mid-2010s. I find this subject fascinating and am excited to see where it leads me in my artistic pursuits.

As an artist, I strive to challenge societal norms and question the boundaries of acceptable subjects. Through the use of crochet as my primary medium, I aim to subvert traditional notions often associated with craftwork and to question the viewer’s preconceptions of “women’s work.” My pieces explore taboo subjects such as mutilation, delving into body image and vulnerability. Using a combination of home footage, latex, and other materials, my work creates a sense of abjection, to provoke a visceral and psychological reaction within the viewer. My choices in subject matter and materials are purposefully chosen to spark reflection and challenge societal norms. Through my art I encourage others to confront their own beliefs, biases and inner turmoil.

An Assortment of Lesions (2022). Yarn, mirrors, eyeglass lenses and latex on frame.

See more of Arc’s work on her website and Instagram.

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