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The rejection of pomp and circumstance

After living through a pandemic, years of social upheaval, and institutional breakdowns, the Class of 2024 may not feel the same loss over canceled graduation ceremonies as previous generations.

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NYCHA is reopening its Section 8 waitlist in June

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program waitlist will reopen in June after being closed for 15 years. Eligible New Yorkers can apply to the housing program from midnight on June 3 through 11:59 p.m. on June 9. Those who need help with the application can call NYCHA’s Housing Choice Voucher Application Hotline from Monday,…

Can the act of being homeless in itself be a crime?

The Supreme Court is set to rule on litigation involving a regulation that, in effect, makes being homeless illegal. Specifically, the case of Johnson v. Grants Pass involves a law that makes “camping,” i.e. sheltering, in public spaces around the town of Grants Pass, Oregon, a criminal offense. The case has reached the nation’s highest…

Saturday service in jeopardy at most NYC libraries

Earlier this month, Jada Mathurin was hoping to spend part of her Sunday at the library. When she arrived, the doors were locked. The 22-year-old was confused. “I’m like, ‘alright, today is Sunday. Everybody at church today, that’s why it’s closed,’” Mathurin said.  But that wasn’t why. Most libraries in New York City ended Sunday…


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