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The rejection of pomp and circumstance

After living through a pandemic, years of social upheaval, and institutional breakdowns, the Class of 2024 may not feel the same loss over canceled graduation ceremonies as previous generations.

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Unique summer camp ideas in New York City

The last day for New York City Public School students is Wednesday, June 26. While that is nearly two months away, it’s not too early for parents to begin planning for their kid’s summer.  Here’s a list of unique summer camp ideas worth checking out: Maritime College has Maritime Adventure Camps. Campers get to go…

NYC knows we have an algebra crisis, but how do we fix it?

A 30-page report issued in March 2024 accused Stanford University professor Jo Boaler of grossly misrepresenting the research used to justify getting rid of algebra instruction in California public middle schools. Contested topics include Boaler’s claim that timed tests cause student anxiety leading to weaker performance, that removing grades improves performance, and that mixing students…

Mostly free spring break activities to do with your kids in NYC 

Breakin’ on a budget We are lucky to live in a city where there are always events and activities to participate in—which are balanced out by incredibly expensive options, too!  Head to the 2024 Schomburg Center Black Comic Book Festival on the 26th or 27th for panel discussions, workshops, cosplay showcases, and more. Grab your…

$1 Million to Launch New FAFSA Completion Program

Last week, Governor Kathy Hochul officially declared April as Financial Aid Awareness Month in New York State. The initiative is meant to inform students and families about the importance of completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and other financial aid options available. There will be several efforts to help students pursue a…


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