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The snow day that wasn’t: parents, teachers and students react

Mayor Adams was defensive amid pushback against his decision to implement remote learning during a recent snow day. “If you are a parent and not willing to navigate a computer for your child, that’s a sad commentary,” he said (while wearing a $700 Fendi logo scarf).

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School bus tracking app launched

Speaking of Chancellor Banks, he just recently announced the launch of the NYC School Bus App that allows parents to see where their child’s bus is in real time. Families with students in grades K-12 who utilize the city’s yellow bus service can sign up for the app: Right now, around 75% of drivers have…

Can your teen take college classes in high school? Should they?

When I presented at Epicenter’s Demystifying NYC’s High School Admissions Process webinar, many parents were interested in what options their students had for taking college courses even before they’d earned a high school diploma. We consulted with parents, a student, a college counselor and a high school principal to break down everything families need to…

Council pushing for zoned schools for all districts

Linda Quarles is one of two Brooklyn representatives on the Citywide Council on High Schools. We had the chance to ask some questions about her involvement with the council and one goal she’d like your help with in achieving during her time on the council. What is the Citywide Council on High Schools and how…


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