Latest Immigration Stories

An explainer on New York City’s current migrant situation

The migrant situation in New York City has dominated the news over the summer, culminating in a recent press conference where Mayor Eric Adams claimed “the city we knew, we’re about to lose.” This week we speak with civics reporter Felipe De La Hoz to better understand what’s really going on. 

Mayor’s office says migrants to cost city $12 billion

Mayor Adams and Director of the Office of Management and Budget Jacques Jiha made the case that maintaining current trends of arrivals and exits at the city’s shelter systems would cost a combined $12 billion over three years, an eye-watering increase over already significant spending figures.

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More Immigration Stories

Unveiling the power of storytelling and identity for refugees

For refugees all over the world, Yeldā Ali is a beacon of hope and empowerment – a Brooklyn-based advocate, author, artist and DJ whose work centers around “identity, safety and storytelling.” Ali leads a life that challenges stereotypes, bridges divides and fosters cultural understanding. Ali’s journey stands as a testament to the resilience of the…

The federal Covid-19 public health emergency is over— now what?

Today is the last day of the federal Covid-19 public health emergency. The formal emergency declaration, mind you, not Covid itself — we will probably never be rid of Covid, and the virus is still killing and still mutating. Yet starting tomorrow, the pandemic is officially over in the United States, and with that comes some concrete shifts.…

The failures of our immigration system

New York City Mayor Eric Adams was in El Paso, Texas, this weekend, on a sort of bizarre official trip to another city to talk about an issue that’s affecting his own: the arrival of asylum seekers. Adams toured around the border and held a press conference where he bemoaned the fact that some 40,000 migrants have…


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