Heat waves are more perilous for the homeless

If you live in New York City, you’re familiar with those days when the summer heat is so oppressive that it’s hard to be outdoors. These extreme temperatures can be deadly; according to the city’s Heat-Related Mortality Report, an estimated 370 New Yorkers die prematurely because of hot weather each summer. 

Keeping up with Evelia’s Tamales

On a recent Sunday afternoon, the playful chatter of families and children mingled with songs from Mexican pop rock group Mana at Evelia’s Tamales. A worker dressed in a black polo shirt sporting the bright…

It’s time to vote again

Election Day is nigh (again). We realize it’s tiring and a little confusing, but the primaries are rolling around once more, this time for State Senate and U.S. House. Early voting gets underway this Saturday,…

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Monkeypox update

Epicenter attended a monkeypox briefing earlier this week, as an extension of our work in vaccine equity. Here’s what we learned:


Rikers sees 10th inmate death this year

It pains us to write of yet another death at Rikers Island. Earlier this year we spoke with Lezandre Khadu, the mother of Stephan Khadu,…

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