Outdoor dining regulations sow confusion 

Outdoor dining has become a part of New York City’s landscape. It’s beloved by many —  including patrons who want to take extra Covid-19 precautions and those who want a taste of Europe’s famous outdoor cafe culture in the Big Apple. But not everyone is happy; some residents believe outdoor dining was an emergency measure…

Composting comes to Queens: Here is what you need to know

Queens residents may have noticed brown compost bins popping up around their neighborhoods. Starting on Oct. 3, curbside composting will be available to all Queens residents. When organic material like food scraps, leaves and animal…

Here’s what going on with the migrants in NYC

The flurry of attention over the unannounced arrival of dozens of recent asylum seekers to the small Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard — part of a broader bit of political theater engineered by Florida Gov.…

A fundraiser for Pakistan flood relief 

Over 30 million people have been affected by the monsoon rains in Pakistan, which began in June 2022, leaving more than than one-third of Pakistan under water. The torrential monsoon rain has brought about the most…

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Monkeypox update

Epicenter attended a monkeypox briefing earlier this week, as an extension of our work in vaccine equity. Here’s what we learned:


Breaking down New York’s primary results

We know the results of the (second) primary election can be a little confusing, so we called up our trusted Civics reporter Felipe De La…

It’s time to vote again

Election Day is nigh (again). We realize it’s tiring and a little confusing, but the primaries are rolling around once more, this time for State…

Rikers sees 10th inmate death this year

It pains us to write of yet another death at Rikers Island. Earlier this year we spoke with Lezandre Khadu, the mother of Stephan Khadu,…



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