Sifting through the ashes of your life after a fire

This past April, Arias had just left her apartment and was walking down Northern Boulevard in Queens when the sirens of a passing fire truck drowned out her phone call with a friend. When she finally heard what her friend was trying to tell her, what she dreaded the most had come true. 

Our new City Council’s agenda

Welcome to the latest edition of this NYC election-focused newsletter. I’m independent journalist Felipe De La Hoz, and this week we’re going to look forward a little bit, to some interesting and big-ticket city legislative debates that have yet to be resolved and may end up getting punted to our next City Council when it takes office next year.

The 9/11 stories we’re still finding

Once, I was trying to explain what it was like to be a reporter on and after Sept. 11, 2001 and I told my friend: “We thought there’d never be another story we cover. It felt like this day would basically be the rest of my career.”

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It ain’t over, NYC’s mayoral election takeaways, how you voted

  Hello, voters!   Before we get to the juicy mayoral content, allow us to shamelessly self promote, it is our birthday after all. We’re officially one year old! And oh, what a year it’s been. Read our publisher, S. Mitra Kalita’s thoughts on that here. We have big ideas for the future (think visiting artist […]

Who New Yorkers are voting for and why

  Hello, voters! Welcome to the 11th edition of this NYC election-focused newsletter, and rejoice at the good news: the primary election is officially underway, and you can look here to find your early voting poll site before election day on June 22. I’m independent journalist Felipe De La Hoz, and today we’re continuing the proud journalistic […]

India travel ban, what your mayoral ballot looks like, Manhattan DA race

Hello, voters! It’s finally time: early voting begins this weekend, and the primary itself is in just under two weeks (June 22, can’t say that enough, mark your calendars)! Welcome to the 10th NYC election-focused newsletter. I’m independent journalist Felipe De La Hoz, and we’re doing something a bit different in this edition — we’re […]


Vaccine apartheid is literally going to kill us

Vaccine apartheid is indeed upon us. 

Consider a March 22 email to Epicenter from a 69-year-old man in Germany who was ready to fly to New York City: “As you probably know, the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine here in Germany has been incredibly slow and we have not yet received an appointment for our first doses.”

Small biz spotlight: Jackson Diner

Every other week we will be featuring a small business owner in Jackson Heights, Queens, to learn how they are managing through the pandemic and […]





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