Girl Scout cookie lovers will have to wait a little longer this time around for their Samoas and Thin Mints. Little Brownie Bakers, the baker for Girl Scouts of the USA, has decided to postpone its infamous cookie season to March. The decision was made to avoid delayed or incomplete deliveries.

Bronx mom and teacher Jean Shering’s daughter has been in a Bronx Girl Scout troop for years. The troop meets at a local Bronx school each month and her daughter sold over 300 boxes last cookie season. We asked Shering what she thought of the delayed start time and she shared that she is actually pretty relieved.

“It’s a bad time of year because of the holidays. I think this holiday season a lot of families are on tighter budgets and it will relieve some stress on the troops. The only concern for us is that Girl Scout season ends in June and I hope there’s enough time to host our usual booth sales so families can receive their cookies in time before going away for the summer,” she said.”

To learn more about Girl Scouts and find your nearest troop, visit here.

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