This week we welcome Yadna A. Prasad.

Photo: Yadna A. Prasad


Photo: Yadna A. Prasad

Prasad is a high school student with a passion for writing, history and photography. They love that photography allows them to encapsulate moments in time, and particularly enjoy photographing parts of New York.

Photo: Yadna A. Prasad

“Each part of our city has a different personality with unique features found all across the boroughs.”

Prasad’s work will be featured in an exhibition opening on June 16th at Tribeca Community on Display, a community gallery in the windows of 60 Hudson Street, which is itself an Art Deco landmark.  See more of their work here.


Nitin is a visual designer, gallery artist, and community arts activist. Past desk-oriented posts include: PBS, Digitas, K12, Inc., Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and Sesame Workshop International....

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