The Ulysses Contract, 2013-2016, 58×58 inches, Oil on canvas

This week we welcome Soumiya Lakshmi Krishnaswamy, a painter and multimedia artist living in Brooklyn, who was born and raised outside of Boston.  Krishnaswamy’s work has been shown in the U.S. and abroad, and is currently on view in a virtual solo show with Apocryphal Gallery in Rome. 

Even Your Emotions Have An Echo In So Much Space, 2020, 40×40 inches, Oil on canvas

“As a child of Indian immigrants in the 70s, I was told I didn’t fit into either world, nor was I wanted in either, despite feeling connected to all of it. I sought out what humanity had in common, all over the world, and across time and space. A deep dive into human existence on a global and local scale drives my work.

Heart of Glass, 2020, 40×40 inches, Oil on canvas

I’ve become obsessed with the language of mark-making as visual communication, from the earliest cave and rock paintings, to carvings on spiritual buildings, pictographic languages, and children’s artwork. 

My work is process and materials based, and it also carries with it aspects of my OCD and mortality issues. These non figurative paintings are a continuation of developing my own language of marks from the source materials I’ve found along the way.

Love in the Time of the Coronavirus, 2020, 40×40 inches, Oil on canvas

The colors and textures reference my mother’s clothing and food intermingled with colors I find provocative in their Western associations. The spiral, with its relationship to the human body, is a mark that signifies each of us. My process involves painting, smearing, scraping, removing, adding, covering, revealing and more. It bears my own humanity and errors in a captured moment, like a memory made tangible.” 

Nitin is a visual designer, gallery artist, and community arts activist. Past desk-oriented posts include: PBS, Digitas, K12, Inc., Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and Sesame Workshop International....

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