Protest with Veins 8, Iris Print with Lithography and Silkscreen, 34in x 44in, 2021

Sarah Sipling is a mixed-media artist and printmaker who works with ideas of protest, power and perception.  Sipling received her master’s in fine arts degree in printmaking from Rhode Island School of Design and bachelor’s in fine arts in printmaking from Purchase College, State University of New York. Her work has been shown at Gate Forty Four Gallery, Milan Italy; Foundry Art Center, St. Charles, Missouri; COS Gallery, Visalia, California; Brick Red Gallery, New Orleans; Janet Turner Print Museum, Chico, California; Reece Museum, Johnson City, Tennessee; East Hawaii Cultural Center, Hilo, Hawaii; and Augusta Savage Gallery, Amherst, Massachusetts. Sipling received the 2022 Black Box Press Art as Activism honorable mention grant and was selected for the 2020-2022 Arquetopia Foundation honors residency, in Puebla, Mexico. Sipling’s work is held in public collections such as the Zuckerman Museum of Art, Kennesaw, Georgia; Penang State Museum, Penang, Malaysia; Bradbury Art Museum, Jonesboro, Arizona; Haugesund Museum of Fine Art, Haugesund, Norway; and Museu Casada Xilogravura, Campos do Jordao, Brazil.

Protest with Veins 9, Iris Print with Lithography and Silkscreen, 34in x 44in, 2021

“Making art, for me, is a way to look into the questions I have about life, about society, and about the world. I work in series, altering the focus of each series to deal with the current struggles, questions and understandings as I adjust to each change in life. I focus on the many possibilities of printmaking, combining traditional and digital techniques. Each printmaking method has a unique visual language and communicative power and I often combine techniques and reimagine the possibilities of each method.

Protest with Veins 19, Iris Print with Lithography and Silkscreen, 34in x 44in, 2021

My work questions political issues focusing on ideas of protest, power and perception. I use collage methods, using many layers of different types of printmaking, from digital to silkscreen and lithography, to create physically layered prints that address the multiple ways that changes within the government impact our country as a whole and the well-being of the person as an individual.  I believe that a physically ripped and glued collage represents the sense of piecing together the truth, discarding the ‘alternative facts’ and ‘fake news.’ The layers and collage method also represent the fragmented and partisan society and how the feelings of fear and exclusion can be overwhelming.

Protest with Veins 1, Iris Print with Lithography and Silkscreen, 34in x 44in, 2021

I am currently looking into the role of the people in creating change within the government and within society. The role that protests have played historically and currently, in speaking up, in demanding change.  A never-ending sea of protests, from Black Lives Matter, to climate change awareness, to women’s rights, and immigrants’ rights become layers within my prints.

Landscape is referenced in my work, with the horrors of history hidden within the overall beauty and physicality of a country and its ideals. As I question the ongoing dangerous and destructive political narrative, I look for positive elements and the possibility of protests, of change.”

See more of the artist’s work on her website and Instagram page.

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