Epicenter’s creative director and co-founder Nitin Mukul, Councilman Shekar Krishnan, Author Sonali Kohli, Epicenter’s publisher and co-founder S. Mitra Kalita, Assembly Member Jessica González-Rojas, The World’s Borough Bookshop Owner Adrian Cepeda, the Veggie Nuggets and Zoe Kessler at an Epicenter-hosted block party in Jackson Heights. Credit: Carolina Valencia / Epicenter NYC

I am not a big fan of organizations marking their anniversaries because it feels a milestone more about us than the communities we seek to serve. 

But Epicenter has been around for exactly four years this week, and we’re really proud of that. In those four years, we have won some awards, pioneered a diverse revenue model and redefined local news and community engagement. And we have some news: We’ve launched the Epicenter Foundation, a separate nonprofit entity to engage even more creative, entrepreneurial, diverse, underserved and underestimated New Yorkers. These efforts will be in addition to what we’re already doing: publishing four newsletters, hosting an array of events, helping neighbors navigate civic participation, housing, entrepreneurship, health, arts and culture, among so many other issues. 

You can read more in our press release here. And we welcome your tax-exempt donations here. Stay tuned for more on our plans, which require deep and continued partnership with the many neighbors who have gotten us this far. 

We announced the arrival of Epicenter Foundation as we put together a pretty special event blending many of our areas of coverage. Called “Ways of Showing Up,” this immersive experience is produced in partnership with the Department of Transformation to inspire healing, reflection and change through artistic action. I attended the first night of programming and was blown away by the lineup of artists: video installations depicting the effects of climate change in Queens, Mongolian throat singing, a digital seance, and the energy and sounds created by a flute, microphone and the human body. 

We are so proud to be pushing the boundaries of storytelling and to capture New York as it really is: gritty and from-the-ground-up, eclectic and intersectional. Thank you to all who have supported our efforts, partnered with us and helped better serve the communities we represent.

S. Mitra Kalita is a veteran journalist, media executive, prolific commentator and author of two books. In 2020 she launched Epicenter-NYC, a newsletter to help New Yorkers get through the pandemic. Mitra...

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