NYC parents are being warned of possible school bus strike. Photo: Maximilian Simson on Unsplash 

Earlier this summer we shared information about a possible yellow bus strike due to a labor dispute between the union that represents bus drivers and the companies that provide bus service to our city’s schools. This week, the Department of Education sent out a notice to families with information about the potential strike and resources available. The DOE says that families can stay up-to-date on what’s happening over at

According to the DOE, in the event of a strike, families will be notified via a call, email, and text message, so be sure to have all of your contact information up to date on the NYC Schools account. It also shared that it is actively working to arrange alternative transportation for families who are affected by the strike via emergency MetroCards as well as prepaid rideshare and reimbursements to those students who have transportation on their Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Accommodation Plan (504). 

Unfortunately, the DOE is not exactly known for its prompt reimbursements, despite offering up to $200 a day in reimbursements for parents who take taxis, rideshares, or drive their own car. For those who will be offered the prepaid car service, some parents might still find themselves struggling with getting to work on time. Learn more here.

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