Performers from the Mazarte Dance Company. Photo: Kisha Bari

Epicenter was one of several groups in the mix last Sunday at Paseo Park’s party, with our own Nitin Mukul cuing up the vinyls. The grounds vibrated with Queens-proud Heems, LL Cool J and Eric B., Indian electronica from DJ Cheb i Sabbah and the classic “Space Cowboy.” Councilmember Shekar Krishnan announced the local artists chosen to help beautify and create a unified look for Paseo Park in what might be the largest public arts project in Jackson Heights — an initiative sponsored by Krishnan in collaboration with Epicenter, Alliance for Paseo Park and Make the Road New York.

Epicenter’s Nitin Mukul handled the music. Photo Kisha Bari

From the traditional Japanese drumming of OMNY Taiko to the Masala Bhangra moves of Punjab, the entertainment vibrated the diversity of Jackson Heights and nearby neighborhoods. The son jarocho collective Son Pecadores brought their folk musical style from Veracruz, and Mazarte Dance Company demonstrated indigenous Mexican art on the asphalt stage. 

Photo: Kisha Bari

Neighborhood dogs strutted their Halloween best down the same runway. A Reaper-like “skeleton” won first place in the doggie costume contest alongside more lively canines — a twirling “Penny with the tutu” and “Sushi 1” and “Sushi 2.” Humans joined in on the fun with a Halloween costume swap for kids, screen-printing of the “Paseo Park” logo and an open dance floor for children.  It was great to see so many people come show their support for making Paseo Park a permanent part of the Jackson Heights landscape!

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