If you tuned into the Grammy’s this past weekend, then you witnessed history as LL Cool J hosted a tribute to the first 50 years of Hip Hop. The performance included a lineup of Hip Hop artists from the last 50 years—everyone from Grandmaster Melle Mel to Busta Rhymes. And with the birthplace of Hip Hop being right here in NYC—the Bronx to be exact—it’s no wonder that the influence of Hip Hop has even made its way to classrooms over the years. To celebrate, throughout 2023 we will be spotlighting various Hip Hop programs and curriculums taking place across the city. 

Windows of Hip Hop is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the true essence of Hip Hop (WOHH). (FYI—I just so happen to be one of the founders of this incredible organization.) Currently, WOHH is working on building a first-ever recording studio inside a NYC public school and is providing unique programming at Community School 55 in the Bronx. 

Thanks to a great partnership with CS 55’s principal Luis Torres, WOHH is able to utilize the different elements of Hip Hop to engage students at all grade levels. Students participate in workshops featuring graffiti art, DJ-ing, breakdancing, and more. Students have had the opportunity to do fun and engaging things like screenprinting, learning to breakdance, and have even worked out with Hip Hop pioneer Grandmaster Melle Mel. To learn more about Windows of Hip Hop, visit here.

Nicole Perrino is the founder of, a hyperlocal website for Bronx families where she use her influence to celebrate the beauty that the Bronx has to offer. In addition to her role at Bronxmama,...

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