Hillstone, a longtime Midtown staple, abruptly closed on Sunday, Jan. 16. Staff was informed that morning that the restaurant was closing permanently, effective end-of-shift.

“New York City has seen significant changes in the way people live and work in the last few years. This has altered the business landscape for many restaurants,” reads the restaurant’s website. “To adapt to these changes, we are consolidating our efforts to Hillstone at Park and 27th where we feel we can grow and refine the quality of what we offer to our guests.”

Staff told us that when the news broke, management informed them they would all have a guaranteed spot at the Park Avenue location.

But one former Midtown employee, who requested anonymity so as not to hurt their prospects of transferring, said that’s looking unlikely.

“They said that, and now it looks like it was just a placebo response. Hillstone should have given us at least a two-week notice just like we give them a two-week notice to leave, you know? There’s no good option: take the part time job, and you get no severance and then quit on your own because two shifts will not be enough. If you take the severance, you lose your health insurance immediately.”

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  1. Darn, a true manhattan staple in the midtown community – I really enjoyed their drinks and seabass was to die for! All because of COVID…..smh this is what happens when you elect stupid people to close down a great city like this

  2. All employees were not given positions at the other location. There are many who now find themselves unemployed.

    1. I thought they had more integrity than that, I’m not going to there Houston’s anymore. I ‘m hurt on they way they treated employees and patrons

  3. I’m really shocked by that, that place was ALWAYS packed and rarely open reservations…
    I would go to that location because getting a reservation at the park ave one is impossible unless you book weeks out, which who in NYC wants to plan that far ahead.

  4. So SAD to read this for the employees and the frequent guests like me. We are Hillstone/Houstons fanatics. This is heartbreaking to us! 😓

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