20F-Interference, Acrylic & Paint markers on heavyweight Fabriano paper mounted on wood panel. 41×29.5″, 2019

This week we welcome Visakh Menon. Menon is a Queens-based multidisciplinary artist who creates inimitable drawings that focus on the transmission of data forms. He has a rigorous and highly layered practice built upon the meditative nature of repetitive-mark making. Menon earned a master’s degree in fine arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art. He has spent several years working in a professional and personal context in the digital medium. He also works as an independent art director and interactive designer and is an adjunct faculty with the Communications Design Department at NY City College of Technology (CUNY).

He has a fascination for the ebb and flow of natural forces as well as the immaterial energies created by technological interventions. Menon is keenly interested in astronomical phenomena such as cosmic radiation and the messages it may carry. He combines these forces and makes them tangible through his captivating, process intensive ink-and-paper drawings.

Interference, Ink & Paint markers on heavyweight Fabriano paper, 40×30″, 2020-21

Menon’s Interference series of paintings and drawings are driven by the notion of repetitive mark making as an act of meditation. These abstract works aim to create a visual space derived from algorithmic aesthetics with the repetitive lines creating optical and spatial shifts referencing screen space.

03-Interference, Acrylic & paint markers on wood panel, 36×24″, 2015

The Tremors series make concrete the act of data representation in its broadest sense, and challenges viewers to ponder the magnitude of the waveforms that surround us, drowning us in a sea of invisible information, throughout our lives and for all time.

Tremors, Ink and markers on raw Rice Paper, 54×27″ (each), 2018-19

Tremors speaks at once to the microwave signals emitted by our cellular devices, to the ebb and flow of the earth’s oceans and even to the cosmic radiation that our brightest minds sift through, hoping to find some indication that we are not quite as alone as we may think.

See more of Menon’s work on his website and Instagram page.

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