La Banista VI, Oil, glitter and beads on wood, 12 x 16

This week we welcome Sasha Silverstein. Silverstein is an artist who has been living and working in New York City for more than 40 years. She earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Sarah Lawrence College,  and a master’s degree in fine arts from Parsons School of Design. Additionally, she studied at the New York Studio School and Art Students League of New York. Silverstein has exhibited her work in the United States, Mexico, Germany and Canada.

Musing in Morocco, Oil on wood, 20” x 16”

“I aim to achieve authentic expression regardless of what I am working on. I seek an energetic vibrancy that stays with the viewer, after the viewing. 

I come from an abstract, formalist tradition. This pedigree is present even in my most representational work. I don’t want to give it all to the viewer — I just want to move them. I want to affect them in some chakra, as I feel in my own. There is a dialogue between conscious and unconscious that drives the work. 

My Porch Room, Oil on plexiglas

I am interested in color, texture, gesture, perspective and flatness, form and line, chiaroscuro and human touch. My influences include Manet, Vuillard, Matisse and Caravaggio. 

As I am a sculptor, form is important to me. I work from life, from photos, from the Old Masters. There is always a back and forth, inviting the unexpected, as the work and I speak to each other, grapple and ravish.”

Celebrate Brooklyn, Mixed Media on Paper

See more of Silverstein’s work on her website and Instagram page.

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