Raquib Abdal Khabir, Fatima’s Wedding, 18×24″, 2021

This week we welcome visual artist Raquib Abdal Khabir. Khabir, who is in his early 50s, hails from New Haven, Conn. In his youth, he was active in the graffiti scene, creating burners and tags. He cites this early experience as the reason he chose to pursue art.

Raquib Abdal Khabir, Father and Son, 24×36″, 2021He attended UMASS, Amherst, earning a scholarship to study abroad in Florence, Italy, where he focused on woodcut printmaking. Ultimately, collage became his ideal medium for expression, allowing him to combine his earlier analog techniques with current tools and technologies.

Raquib Abdal Khabir, The Band, 24×36″, 2021

In Khabir’s practice, collage becomes a powerful vehicle for social commentary combined with a striking palette and compositions. His work has been shown locally as well as a recent solo exhibition with Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo.

To view more of Khabir’s work check out his Instagram account.

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