Peter Stankiewicz, Untitled, plastic and acrylic paint, approx. height: 7.5″, 2019 

This week, we welcome artist Peter Stankiewicz. Stankiewicz is a Massachusetts-born artist living in Manhattan and making his work in Brooklyn. He makes sculptures on a scale that belies their monumental qualities. One gets the impression of sculptural works in the plazas of  Manhattan’s steel and glass monoliths, or maybe those in Storm King Sculpture Park, where his father actually has work in the collection. We told you about Storm King once here.

Peter Stankiewicz, Untitled, plastic and acrylic paint, approx. height: 16″, 2019 

These are intimate sculptures made of plastic, airbrushed with acrylic paint, and set into cement bases. Mostly less than a foot tall, Stankiewicz makes the shapes a little familiar with reference to the canon of modern sculpture, and a little surprising, adding his own variations on the tradition. He hopes they stimulate curiosity and contemplation in those who see them. You can see more  of his work here.

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