Conrad Tao and Caleb Teicher. Photo: Richard Termine

This time of year in New York is pretty magical. The tourists are gone, the subways are less sticky — and there’s Fall for Dance! The New York City Center festival is celebrating its 20th year, and I’ve been a patron for a dozen of those. The event has become a rite for families as they get into their back-to-school rhythm; I’ve loved watching my own kids experience dance from around the country, around the world, or right from here in the city, during different stages of their own lives. 

I attended the debut last night and want to share the link to buy tickets. All tickets are $20 plus fees, which end up being $10 — a total of $30 apiece. It is rare that Fall for Dance does not sell out (it will) but it is a sign of what’s happening at box offices post-Covid (although we are still in it). 

There are still tickets available for tonight (a mix of experimental dance from Ballet BC, the familiar Rhapsody in Blue, and an energizing, mesmerizing number from Gibney Company), Saturday and Oct. 3-7. A full program and descriptions are available here. If you go early some nights, you can take dance lessons! 

Please consider supporting this relatively affordable way to experience bursts of beauty; the time and performers will just fly by. 

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