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You might have heard that we’ve had some luck getting our neighbors signed up for vaccine appointments. What started out as a small word-of-mouth initiative for those in our community (and we use the word community inclusively: We’ve gotten appointments for upstate farmers, restaurant workers in Harlem, taxi drivers in Brooklyn and grandparents in Queens) has grown into something beyond us. We have dozens and dozens of volunteers who are eager to help, and we’ve successfully secured about 500 vaccine appointments — a number that’s growing rapidly.

Do you need help getting a vaccine appointment? Please fill out our intake form.

Need a letter for your employer to verify your eligibility? Check out our folder of documentation.

VIDEO: How to book yourself for a vaccine; tips and tricks from an Epicenter volunteer.

VIDEO: How to book a vaccine at the Javits Center & other NY State locations, TIPS & TRICKS!

Help us by spreading the word (you can print out and share these flyers).

Meet the heart of Epicenter and the people who are making this all possible: Our Volunteers.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Sign up here.

We aren’t healthcare professionals or anything like that, just people who believe in the power of community. Learn a little bit more about our mission.

Have you gotten the vaccine? Helped others get it? We want to hear about your experience. Email us at

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  1. I signed up a few days ago but got the J&J this morning. They still have appts available this week but you have to go online. Vax4ny-this place is listed-NYPD Community Center-127 Pennslyvania Ave., Bklyn. They only give J&J. Very well organized -all the cops are wonderful.

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