Manoseo by Cristián Pietrapiana

We are launching our latest project — an online artist marketplace — to the public today.

Supporting local artists has been central to Epicenter’s mission; each week we select a local artist’s work to feature on our platforms including in our Tuesday newsletter. In turn, the artist receives a stipend and becomes part of our growing network.

What you will see in our new shop:

Design by Marc Alain

We commissioned a handful of artists previously featured in Epicenter to reimagine our logo in their style. These redesigned logos appear on organic cotton totes that are for sale. Proceeds from this shop will help us continue our support of local artists. We will also be featuring a weekly masthead takeover, starting with today’s design by artist Debbi Kenote

Also for sale are limited-edition prints from several local artists including Mike Estabrook, Debbi KenoteNitin MukulMarc AlainJeff OstergrenCristián Pietrapiana and Jessica Carvajal, with more to come. We will be splitting profits with the artists on these prints 50/50.

“In general, supporting physical art, versus something that was designed online, is a really good way to support the work that goes into having a physical studio. It’s kind of like when you’re getting honey, you’re supposed to get honey locally if you can, because it’s what is actually in the air, the pollen that you’re breathing and such, and so it helps your body to have the local honey,” says Kenote, who designed this week’s masthead. “That’s a good analogy, where you’re seeing work from someone else who’s seeing the same things that you are and distilling them into art. And therefore you might get something more out of it than if it wasn’t from someone local that shares the same landscape and city space as you.”

We are thrilled to be able to take our support and amplification of local artists to the next level with your help. Questions or comments? Don’t hesitate to contact us at

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