Hunter College High School announces admissions requirements. Photo: Ajay Suresh

Hunter College High School, a selective public school harder to get into than the Ivy League, has announced its exam date and admissions criteria for the fall of 2023. 

Details are here. TL; DR: “Eligible 6th grade students are determined by their performance on their 5th grade NYS Math and ELA exams. An eligible candidate must meet or exceed both of the following scores: Math (622 or higher) and ELA (623 or higher).” If you did not take the test, you can still claim eligibility if report cards show a 95 in math and ELA. 

The exam will be held on Wednesday, April 5. This comes after years of Hunter contending with challenges to its single-test model due to the pandemic and concerns over a lack of diversity. Last year, the exam was held in May (versus the typical January timing of the pre-pandemic era) and qualifications were based on marking period grades in math and ELA, which stands for English Language Arts.

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