This week, we welcome Leah Umansky. Umansky is a teacher, a poet and the author of two full-length collections, “The Barbarous Century” and “Domestic Uncertainties,” among others. She earned her MFA in Poetry at Sarah Lawrence College and is the curator and host of “The Couplet Reading Series” in NYC. She is resisting the tyrant with her every move. For more of Umansky’s work, visit her website and Instagram page.


It is Uncertain


in these

certain times

and the unknowing

the unknowing is

a breaking

and the breaking is

a breaking back

of days

and each moment

is a splintering

of time

and a splintering

of the self and our selves

each moment is

a splintering or

a sliver in

the layers of

our skin

a slice in

our multitude

a split of

our cells

our truths

our lies

our stories

time is

at an arm’s length

an arm is

a distance almost


What I would give

to wrap these arms

around another.

I saw the sun


through the clouds


it was like a beacon

of hope

it was like

a cherishing

of our days

a turning outward to inward to upward with body and soul and whatever this life of is made up of

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