There are no membership fees, monthly fees or premiums with NYC Care. Photo: CDC

So… it’s like insurance? 

Not really. It’s a healthcare access program designed for New Yorkers who don’t qualify or cannot afford insurance. That being said, those who are eligible receive a membership card, designated doctor, preventative care, affordable medication and more. 

How much does NYC Care cost? 

There are no membership fees, monthly fees or premiums. What you pay for services depends on your income. For example, copays range from $0-$22, while a clinic visit ranges from $0-$50. You can estimate how much you would have to pay based on the chart below. 

Where can you access NYC Care health services?

All NYC Care services are provided through NYC Health + Hospitals .

Who is eligible? 

To be eligible you must live in one of the five boroughs and not qualify for any of the health insurance plans that are available in New York State, nor be able to afford health insurance based on government guidelines. Immigration status does not matter. 

Here’s what you need to apply

To prove your eligibility, you must provide proof of identification, New York City residency, household income and household size.  

What isn’t covered
Cosmetic surgeries – unless you need them for a medical reason, skilled nursing, long-term acute care and ambulance services are not covered by NYC Care.

If you or someone you know needs access to affordable healthcare services, you can learn more about NYC Care here or call 646-NYC-CARE.  

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