Please — don't get your kid's teacher a mug this holiday season. Photo: Jess Bailey on Unsplash

It’s that time of year! For those who celebrate, the list of gift recipients can be long. Children, family, friends, colleagues- and teachers! So before you go spend your hard earned money, we asked teachers across the city for some gift ideas they actually enjoy receiving. 

  • Gift cards were hands down the number one response. Some suggestions were Dunkin or Starbucks, Target, Lakeshore Learning, Teachers Pay Teachers, and Amazon
  • One teacher suggested sending a complimentary email sharing what you love about the teacher and cc’ing the principal. Good feedback and the principal sees it? Yes please.
  • Personalized, thoughtful items were also mentioned. And several said a handwritten card was always appreciated.

The one thing most can collectively agree on that they don’t want? Mugs! No more mugs please!

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