Public Service Announcement: If you are 12 years or older, you are eligible for a vaccine in New York State. Vaccines are free for all and require no proof of immigration status.

Additional Vaccine information

How to bring a vaccine pop-up to your neighborhood

By Elena Tate Usually the term “pop-up” refers to an exceedingly trendy item that is only temporarily available for purchase at a specific location. But in our new normal of the pandemic, the concept is being utilized to offer Covid-19 vaccines to vulnerable people who might not otherwise be able to access them. Here’s how […]

What we learned registering thousands of our neighbors for vaccines

  By S. Mitra Kalita, with contributions from Epicenter volunteers Sree Bhagavan, Kris Brewer, Eric Garcia, Abby Gewanter, Devi Gupta, George Hagstrom, Julia Kopelson, Kenisha McFadden, Sarah Kulkarni, John O’Neil, Millie Rose, Hannah Roth, Myrna Suarez, Vivian Tam and Elena Tate   In early January, Epicenter-NYC, a newsletter launched for New Yorkers to get through […]

The many barriers between Asians and vaccines right now

For the last few weeks, Epicenter has been helping New Yorkers get vaccine appointments. We have a team devoted to Chinese speakers, and one of our volunteers, Vivian Tam, started noticing patterns and obstacles facing this community. After this week’s killing spree in Atlanta, we wanted to connect the dots and shine a light, with […]

Epicenter is helping our neighbors get vaccinated

Dear Reader, You might have heard that we’ve had some luck getting our neighbors signed up for vaccine appointments. What started out as a small word-of-mouth initiative for those in our community (and we use the word community inclusively: We’ve gotten appointments for upstate farmers, restaurant workers in Harlem, taxi drivers in Brooklyn and grandparents […]

This is the real heart of the Epicenter: Our vaccine volunteers

By S. Mitra Kalita For months now, Epicenter-NYC has been scheduling our neighbors for vaccines. This started via word of mouth and has grown exponentially to hundreds and hundreds of appointments booked.  (Here’s our intake form; please pass it along!) More New Yorkers qualify and, thankfully, there are more slots than ever. Yet the need is […]

We registered dozens of people for vaccines. 11 things we learned.

This originally appeared in the Epicenter-NYC newsletter. You should subscribe here. We didn’t set out to register 64 people to get vaccinated. It just kind of happened. So let us know if you need help. We have a decent track record and are happy to try. Our intake form is here. You can also email us with any […]