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What’s for lunch? Not much on vegan Fridays, apparently.

During his visit to Bronx Delta, Mayor Adams also had a chance to partake in vegan Friday — part of his initiative to promote healthier eating among students. The premise of vegan Fridays makes sense: introducing children to healthy food options at a young age in hopes that they will make healthier eating decisions as they grow. However, as one Twitter user put it, “All vegan Fridays are not created equal.”

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The issues with busing at NYC public schools

Students with special needs across the five boroughs often attend schools that are not in their neighborhood in order to receive proper services. This means they require transportation in order to get to and from school—which can sometimes be in a completely different borough from where they reside. NYC public school buses are owned and operated by independent companies such as Consolidated Bus Transit, not by individual schools like some school districts across the country operate. Because of this, special needs children often face issues with long bus routes, route changes, and driver shortages.

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Summer Rising enrichment program will return

Last Friday, Mayor Eric Adams spent the morning at Bronx Delta School alongside NYC schools Chancellor David Banks to announce that the city would once again run the Summer Rising program. Despite issues with staffing and transportation last summer, they also shared that they will be increasing the program’s hours, site locations, and number of seats for younger students. 

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Appalled by the fashion industry, they opened a pet store instead

Gone to the Dogs may seem like an ordinary pet store, but each product sold has a story. Months into the pandemic, the pet shop launched online in June 2020. In October, a brick and mortar store opened in Park Slope. Owners Santos Agustin and Jennifer Wong pride themselves in knowing how all of their products were made, who made them and with what materials.