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An update from our street vendor friends

There are roughly 20,000 street vendors working throughout New York City, including many people who started vending after losing their jobs during the pandemic. They kept New York City running when it was at its worst, providing food, masks and conversation. While you can (and should!)  celebrate street vendors for their hard work any day, International Street Vendor day is on Nov. 14.

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A victory for NYC cabbies

It took a two-week hunger strike and 46 days of protests on the steps of City Hall to provide much needed relief for taxi drivers. Last week, the New York Taxi Driver’s alliance was able to obtain a city-back guarantee, which means that the drivers’ loans will be restructured to a maximum of $170,000. Drivers will pay a maximum of $1,100 a month.

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Epicenter-NYC’s election takeaways

Welcome to the latest edition of this NYC election-focused newsletter. I’m journalist Felipe De La Hoz, and we are now officially in the post-election landscape after Tuesday’s general election —we’ve come a long way since we started discussing the primaries months ago! Some results were nothing surprising: Eric Adams, the Democratic nominee for mayor, swept the race with about 66 percent of votes.

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NYC taxi drivers hunger strike for debt relief

New York City taxi drivers have been protesting outside City Hall for weeks, in hopes to get real debt forgiveness from the city. You may remember that we previously reported on their plight, but since Oct. 20, cabbies have ramped-up their protest efforts by going on a hunger strike. Today marks two weeks of the hunger strike and with no end in sight, Epicenter-NYC reporter Andrea Pineda-Salgado talked to Augustine Tang, a New York City taxi driver who has been on a hunger strike for more than 12 days, to learn more about what it means and why taxi drivers resorted to such desperate measures to be heard.

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Your last-minute election guide

Today, journalists Felipe De La Hoz and Andrea Pineda-Salgado are teaming up to bring you some salient information about the November 2 election, early voting for which is already underway. The big-ticket item is of course the mayoral election, though no one should be holding their breath for that one; Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is the heavy favorite. In addition, your ballot will feature several ballot proposals that we broke down more in depth in the last edition.

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A basement apartment checklist

It’s raining again, and we know how that went the last time … Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc in the region destroying basement apartments. Herculean cleanup measures were needed to restore and most importantly ensure a safe living environment. Here’s a checklist to help you stay safe in your basement apartment as well as know your rights as a tenant.