Late Night At the Office (2024). Oil on Canvas; 24" x 36"

This week we welcome Noah Bassman, a visual artist whose work explores ideas of place, space, community, and urban life. Growing up in Queens, New York, Bassman, who uses the pronoun they, has always taken inspiration from the city.

The Boat party (2023). Oil on Canvas; 12″ x 24″

They earned a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in illustration with a concentration in nature, culture, and sustainability studies. Bassman’s work has been exhibited by the A+D Museum in Los Angeles, the Plaxall Gallery, the Greenpoint Gallery, and in LinkNYC’s “ArtOnLink” program. In addition, they have created multiple public art installations in New York City and Providence, RI.

Providence Landscape(2021). Gouache on Paper; 11″ x 14″

“These works are part of a series of paintings that describe an imagined world. This world is a product of my city-kid yearnings for calm, space, and beauty, while also influenced by my beliefs in more sustainable and more livable urban forms.

Moved In (2022). Oil on Canvas; 18″ x 24″

“Late Night at the Office” is inspired by Rockefeller Center. It tells the story of someone who stayed up until sunrise at the office. The painting includes motifs that can be found throughout the series,” they said.

Time To Head In (2024). Oil on Canvas; 18″ x 24″

See more of Noah’s work on their website and Instagram

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