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We previously wrote about a class-action lawsuit that was filed in 2018 that alleged that the city’s policies for funding and allocating high school sports violated the New York City Human Rights Law. Finally a settlement was approved by a state court this month that requires the DOE and the Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) to form 200 new high school sports teams by the Spring 2024.

Over 100 public schools do not have sports teams, with Black and Latino students having less access since the city has historically spent less per capita on sports for these students compared to their peers.  As part of the lawsuit, the DOE and PSAL must expand the number of teams offered under the Shared Access Program, which allows high schools that are located near each other to play on a combined team. For example, Lehman Campus in the Bronx is home to five high schools, but are all part of Lehman Athletics.

The DOE will be surveying students at all participating schools to determine which sports to offer and will prioritize the schools with the fewest options. A total of $6 million has been invested into the expansion.

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