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As promised, Chancellor Banks recently announced that the new virtual and hybrid high school program, “A School Without Walls Program” is now accepting applications until July 6. The program will offer an array of individualized, interdisciplinary, project-based learning and internship opportunities, according to

The DOE worked closely with students to develop the program after lessons learned during the Covid-19 pandemic. Participants will be able to earn their high school diploma via the program, which will expand beyond the classroom and include internships, service learning and place-based learning initiatives. 

One hundred seats are available in both the virtual and hybrid program model. The programs will be housed in DOE facilities with teachers who will provide synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Students will still be able to take advantage of resources at brick-and-mortar schools, including counseling services. They will also have the option to participate in programs and sports. Students can apply here. To learn more, visit here

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