A new high school set to open in Queens in 2025 will offer a health care-focused curriculum in an effort to address workforce shortages in health care. Photo: National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

A health care high school will be coming to Woodside, Queens in 2025.  Northwell Health and New York City Public Schools have partnered to design a new career-focused high school in an effort to address workforce shortages in healthcare. The school will “integrate health care career knowledge and job training with a high-quality, well-rounded high school experience for students in New York,” and will serve about 900 students, according to Long Island Business News
Northwell has found that by 2030, New York could face a shortage of nearly 40,000 nurses. The partners will be co-developing the curriculum, which will include academic programming, specialized health care classes, work-based learning, and more. Graduates will then be able to apply for positions within Northwell in fields such as nursing, diagnostic medicine, physical therapy and behavioral health. Learn more.

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