The Cotton Connection, Multiple Fabrics, Threads and Raw Cotton, 24×24 inches

This week we welcome artist Preksha Kapadia. Kapadia, who works in mixed media, has exhibited extensively in major cities across India and the United States. She holds a degree from C N College of Fine Arts in Ahmedabad, India. In addition, she has studied at Central St. Martin College of Art in London. Most recently she was an artist in residence at Mana Contemporary in New Jersey.

Memory of Red, multiple fabrics, threads, raw cotton and safety pins, dimensions variable

 “My parents laid a creative foundation, along with a decade’s worth of experience that has shaped my vision. The work occupies two-dimensional and three-dimensional surfaces simultaneously to reveal an aesthetic concerned with the passage of time and space.

I incorporate and experiment with a diverse range of materials that include raw fabrics, threads and other found materials.

Assemblage, dyed fabric and cotton threads, 18×18 inches, 2014

See more of Kapadia’s work on her website and Instagram page

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