Photo: Linda Ganjian

This week, we welcome Linda M. Ganjian, a Queens-based artist who works in a variety of materials, including clay, cement and paper. Her main pursuit has involved making large “tabletop” sculptures, composed of hundreds of miniature forms, that are a reinterpretation of Middle Eastern and American craft traditions (carpets, quilts, calligraphy). Much of her work presents memories and impressions of the urban landscape, the specific history of a site or more personal narratives.

‘7 Train Panoramas’, 72″ wide x 48″ deep x 12″ high Clay, paint, varnish, archival board, glue, wood

“7 Train Panoramas” is a sculptural interpretation of the rooftop architecture visible from the 7 train, organized into a quilt-like structure. The forms (made from clay and painted paper-board) reflect the haphazard array of satellite dishes, antenna, skylights, vents, barbed wire, graffiti, etc., she says, “that mark the landscape my eyes glaze over on my daily commute.”

Visit Ganjian’s website and Instagram page for more of her work.




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