This week, we welcome artist Clarinda Mac Low. Mac Low started out working in dance and molecular biology, and now creates participatory installations and events that investigate social constructs and corporeal experience. She is executive director of Culture Push, an experimental organization that links artistic practice and civic engagement, and co-director of Works on Water, an organization of artists and curators focused on water issues, as well as a medical journalist specializing in HIV/AIDS. Visit Mac Low’s website and Instagram page for more of her work.

Sunk Shore” is a speculative fictional “tour” of the future, based on research into events expected to take place (and already happening) due to climate change. “Sunk Shore 2020” was created as part of “Walking the Edge,” a collaboration between Culture Push, Works on Water and the New York City Department of City Planning. The project was originally planned as a walk of all 520 miles of the city’s coastline, but because of the pandemic, it morphed into a five-month takeover of the Works on Water Instagram feed, where NYC artists prepared artworks and prompts that brought viewers to their shorelines. As part of Walking the Edge, Sunk Shore collaborators Clarinda Mac Low and Carolyn Hall created a tour of the future shorelines of the East River, time traveling to 2092, 2068 and 2043 through a series of video “documentations” from the different time periods.

Nitin is a visual designer, gallery artist, and community arts activist. Past desk-oriented posts include: PBS, Digitas, K12, Inc., Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and Sesame Workshop International....

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