This week we welcome artist Adèle Saint-Pierre,  a Franco-American artist originally from Maine.

Le roi Ferdinand faisant sa sieste (11 x 15)

She currently teaches French at Moses Brown School in Providence, R.I. Besides her passion for drawing and painting, she enjoys reading, cooking, and going for long walks with her trusty beagle, Sophie.

Thérèse commandant son souper (11 x 15)

For as long as I can remember, fantastical creatures and people have been calling to me from creases in fabric, water stains on ceilings, paint chips on walls, and wood grain patterns on floors. My work is inspired by the world of stories that speak to me through these things.

Les frères Lucarelli (11 x 15)

These stories are influenced by the years I lived in France and Quebec, by my extensive travels throughout Europe and parts of South and Central America, as well as my studies in literature and linguistics, my work as a teacher of languages, and my love of literature.

Mariette et Albertine, les cousines dites irlandaises (12 x 18)

Saint-Pierre’s work will be exhibited at the Shen Gallery, The Packer Collegiate Institute, located at 170 Joralemon St. in Brooklyn beginning this September and running through October.

See more of Saint-Pierre’s work on her website.

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