Sperm Spoons, 2008, spoons, stainless steel panels, 95 x 72 x 3 inches

This week we welcome Eung Ho Park, an artist based in Jackson Heights, Queens. Park was born in South Korea in 1957, and earned a  bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Pratt Institute.  His work has been exhibited widely, including Exit Art, the Drawing Center, the Sculpture Center, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Queens Museum of Art,  Long Island University, Dartmouth College, Wake Forest University, Skidmore College;  Wave Hill, Korean American Museum, Y Gallery, New York, Sideshow in Williamsburg, Jamaica Center for Art and Learning,  Pierogi, and other venues. 

Bowling Ball Curtain, 2005, bowling balls and stainless steel, 16 feet high

Park created Bowling Ball Curtain, a permanent sculpture for PS 270 in Queens, NY in 2005.

His works have been reviewed in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Baltimore Sun, the Boston Globe and other publications.

Park assembling ‘Shalter’ in Flushing, Queens, 2017, found styrofoam, 7 x 6 x 5 feet

“By choosing typical objects, often found and recycled, used in daily consumption, I challenge myself through a gradual thought process to find fresh perspectives about them.

“Ordinary everyday manufactured objects, like the items in time capsules, represent and preserve ideas of culture. Based upon my observations of social relationships and my personal experiences, I transform groupings of these objects—bottle caps, plastic soda bottles, forks, coins, caution tapes or bowling balls—into installations that depict contemporary chronicles of humanity.”

2 views of Let’s Talk Pillow Talk in Portland, Oregon, 1992, Plaster, Bamboo Sticks, 30 x 30 x 1 ft

See more of Park’s work on his website and Instagram page.

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