Flood (2022); Inkjet and spray paint on Hahnemühle paper mounted on linen. 43 1/2 x 35 3/4"

This week we welcome Claire Corey, a visual artist based in Brooklyn who works across digital and traditional media. Corey mixes abstraction and representation, using printing, painting, spray painting, and silk screening onto paper, canvas and found fabric.

#4 from the Lightning Storm Suite (2022); Inkjet, silkscreen and oil on canvas. 23 3/4 x 18 1/2″.

Corey’s work employs the language of abstraction, yet is rich with references to the natural world. Her subject matter has always involved nature.

In her own words:

It is the act of discovery: to come upon a garden, choose a path, finding surprises along the way—a flower here, an interesting leaf there, maybe a bug you have never seen before, or a bird. Making art, for me, is similar to exploring. I am always interested in discovering a new technique, a new or old way to make a mark, and I utilize various mediums to enrich the eye’s discovery of movement, substance, texture, and color. Art is often an invitation to disappear for a moment or longer, into the visual experience of looking and sensing.

Slide (2023); Silkscreen, spray paint and oil on found fabric. 24 x 20″

My concerns over the damage we are doing to our natural world has entered my work over the past decade. There is a “terrible beauty” in the work. I try to show both the beauty of the storms and fires caused by climate change and nature’s delights. My work is both an ode to nature and a requiem. 

Lastly, Joy is important to me. The joy to create, to look closely and gratitude for every day.

See more of Corey’s work on her website and Instagram.

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