A children’s book that addresses racism is causing quite a stir for some parents, according to the New York Post. “Our Skin” is a book geared toward children ages 2-5 that addresses skin tones and the origins of racism— but many don’t like the way it tells children that white people invented the concept of race, claiming that it ‘preaches hate.’

While the book is not part of a DOE curriculum and has only been distributed at a few schools in the city, it’s being reported that the book is part of the “Universal Mosaic Independent Reading Collections.” The Universal Mosaic Curriculum was developed under former Mayor Bill de Blasio as part of a post-pandemic recovery plan. The curriculum, which is expected to roll out by the fall of 2023 will standardize english and math instruction with a focus on diversifying educational materials to “better reflect” the demographics of the city’s school system.

The book boasts 1,229 ratings on Amazon — 82% of which are 5 stars. While most of the negative reviews similarly found the book to be divisive, the positive ones praised the book for being a great introduction to the conversation surrounding race. One reviewer shares, “This is age-appropriate and I love that it is spot on with historical facts without nuance. I find with books like these parents buy them thinking being anti-racist means overlooking harsh realities and focusing on unity. To be antiracist means to unpack your privilege and acknowledge the past no matter how uncomfortable it makes you. There are quite a few reviews on here that project white fragility and it’s just as harmful as being “non-racist.”

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