New York City Schools Chancellor David Banks, illustration: Ben Sweeney

Last week, New York City Schools Chancellor David Banks sent out an email to principals across the city addressing the brutal murder of Tyre Nichols and how our school communities may be affected. On Jan. 27, five police officers from the Memphis Police Department severely beat 29-year-old Nichols during a traffic stop. Nichols died three days later and videos of the horrific incident have since been circulating across the internet.

Banks wrote, “This is a leadership moment for us all; we need to be prepared to respond with strength and understanding. When school resumes next week, these will not be normal days for many of our students. It’s imperative that we give our students and entire school communities a safe space to express the many emotions they will have to process. The images from the video will stick with us and our children for years, if not for a lifetime.” Banks went on to remind school leaders to ensure that student voices are heard — peacefully yet forcefully.  For more information regarding mental health for NYC students, visit here. There are also some helpful resources on the internet that give guidance on talking about police violence with your children, like this article here

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