Chancellor David Banks, Illustration: Ben Sweeney

On Monday, Chancellor David Banks announced the new superintendents who will supervise NYC public school principals after making each of them reapply for their jobs for the 2022-23 school year. Out of 45 superintendent positions, 14 are new hires and four are “acting” superintendents until an ideal candidate is found. Along with the new hiring process, the Department of Education is also closing borough offices that both schools and parents have previously utilized for support. The staff from borough offices will now work directly under superintendents and act as a “one-stop-shop” according to Banks.

Some of the former superintendents are not happy with how the hiring process went down— which consisted of an application process and town hall meetings where the public then played a role in choosing the right candidates. One superintendent anonymously shared with Chalkbeat that the process was “demoralizing” and “frustrating,” being that the cover letter had a single prompt about improving literacy, the interview process left hardly an opportunity for back and forth discussion, and it’s unclear just how the town hall process played a role in selecting the new hires. Banks then did acknowledge that it was mostly his “gut decision” that ultimately made the decision.

The new hires take office on July 1 and you can see the full list of superintendents by district here.

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