"War and Anguish Drawing 1" (2024); pen and ink; 11” x 14”

This week we welcome Carol Heft, a New York-based artist who studied with American master Robert Brackman. Heft became skilled at printmaking and drawing in her youth. She attended the Rhode Island School of Design before moving to New York in the late 1970s. Her mediums includes drawing, painting, and collage, using both traditional and nontraditional materials.

“Bureaucracy 29” (2023); acrylic on canvas; 36” x 24”

Heft’s current exhibition, “Discord and Mercy,” is currently on view at Blue Mountain Gallery in Chelsea through April 20.

“Family Group” (2024); pen and ink,12” x 9”

The underlying theme of the exhibition’s body of drawings and painting is human suffering and resilience, reflecting the ongoing crisis of violence, fear, and ultimately, courage as part of the human condition.

Mother and children (2023); acrylic on canvas; 36” x 24”

“There is no specific political agenda reflected in this body of work, the universal themes resonate in our troubled times, as they have throughout history. Interwoven in this theme is the promise of hope, born of empathy through common experience,” wrote the artist.

“War” (2024); pen and ink; 11” x 14”

 See more of her work on her website and Instagram

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