Summer is almost upon us, which means it’s time to vacation! Nearly 85% of adult Americans said they intend to travel this summer. Here are a few tips to make your trip go more smoothly. 

  • Consider taking carry on only. This saves time on both ends — no check-in lines and no waiting for your bag — but also, following the Southwest debacle last year, who wants to risk losing their luggage?
  • Packing cubes. Don’t underestimate how helpful they can be especially if you have very young travelers among the pack. 
  • Get vaxxed! Nobody wants to get sick with Covid before a long-awaited trip — or worse, feel ill in a foreign country where you don’t know how to navigate the medical system. If you’re in South Jersey, Virtua Health’s Care on Wheels unit can help, view dates and locations here:  #Sponsored
  • Make sure you have a portable charger. You don’t want to deal with a phone that’s on 5% battery when you’re trying to entertain a child, look at a map or call an Uber in an unfamiliar city. And make sure it’s fully charged!
  • A copy of your passport. It’s not recommended to have your actual passport on you while you’re out and about. Having some additional easy-to-access photos of it on your phone is smart too. 
  • Entertainment. Whether you’re traveling as a family or with friends,don’t forget to download your favorite TV shows and podcasts pre-flight, consider a multi headphone audio splitter to share screen time, and of course, bring plenty of snacks. 

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