"The Guardian" Spray paint, airbrush, oil, and marker on canvas. 14"x 14" 

This week we welcome Amethyst Monet, a self-taught artist from the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California who is currently based in New York City. Monet has participated in multiple public art projects in Jackson Heights, including a major project in collaboration with Epicenter and the 34th Avenue Open Street (aka Paseo Park), coming this Spring.

“Dusk;” Spray paint, airbrush, oil and embroidery on canvas; 16″ x 20″

Using primarily a mixture of oil, acrylic, spray paint and embroidery, she weaves together ethereal figures across a vibrant abstract dreamscape. Inspired by her experience working as a flight attendant, she aspires to take viewers on a journey to a transcendental dimension through her paintings. Notable female artists such as Hilma af Klint and Leonora Carrington have had a large influence on her work.

“A Seed Sprouts a Forest” Spray paint, airbrush, oil, embroidery, and clay on canvas. 18″x24″ 

“In my artistic exploration, I merge painting and embroidery to explore themes of interconnectedness, particularly through a feminist lens. Each meticulous stitch is a direct thread of collective knowledge that has been passed through the maternal line of my family. I infuse surreal themes into my paintings and murals, creating whimsical female characters weaving the threads of their own destiny,” she writes.

“Kismet” Oil and embroidery on canvas. 18″x 24″ 

See more of the Monet’s work on her website and Instagram.

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