Q&A with Asian Psychologist featured on Epicenter-NYC’s website and newsletter
Special Epicenter-NYC podcast segment on Reducing the Stigma Around Mental Health in AAPI Communities
Special Wellness Segment on TBN24 Bangladeshi Streaming Network
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Since our launch at the height of the Covid pandemic, Epicenter-NYC has strived to engage and inform hard-to-reach communities using a combination of journalism, art and community connection through multiple formats and languages. For this Asian Mental Health NYC campaign, Epicenter and partners sought to bypass the hindrances that impede access to mental health care resources including language barriers (English may not be their first or dominant language), stigma, the tendency to not view mental health care as preventive, and lack of awareness about resources. We wanted to bring the experiences of Asians in conversation while underscoring the importance of mental health care. Leveraging the Asian American Federation’s mental health directory, we identified psychologists and psychotherapists to highlight important examples, scenarios and resources, and address key questions. 

We successfully centered critical conversations and scenarios, resources including the psychotherapist themselves and created awareness of the Asian American Federation’s mental health directory. We did this in the languages our Asian communities prefer and through the channels they trust.

Here are some examples of other stories from Epicenter-NYC that center AAPI communities: