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This past Sunday, we hit a major milestone: 213 (!!) people vaccinated in the Queens Village pop-up we arranged for and have been supporting. This is three times our usual (although the week previous, we had crossed 100 shots). A few details and takeaways:

  • The breakdown was 109 Johnson & Johnson and 104 Pfizer.
  • Mandates are working. We also noticed that a lot of the people who seek J&J are responding to employer mandates; presumably because it’s one and done, unlike Pfizer or Moderna. 
  • People are also getting their boosters, partly buoyed by government guidance last week that they can mix and match. 
  • Community outreach is key. That morning, we set up in the church across the street, SS Joachim & Anne Church, and spoke to congregations in English, Spanish and Haitian Creole. We’ve also been flyering around the neighborhood and gave our signature insulated bags (foodies and food banks love them) to the grocery stores in the area with websites and phone numbers for vaccine info. 
  • We need to include masks, testing and other health info and services in our vaccine strategy. Remember what we have repeatedly said (thanks, Harlem Gunness for your study on this) on many of our neighbors not being equipped for the pandemic. Still. 
  • Booking a Moderna booster seems tougher. Check out this piece quoting us on this and some tips. In Queens, we’re hearing positive post-Moderna experiences of the Corona Health Center.
  • There are a lot of questions out there on vaccines for ages 5 to 11. We promise to keep you posted. Keep our number and email on hand in case you need help booking. 917-818-2690 or

Epicenter-NYC will be continuing vaccination efforts Wednesday, Oct. 27, Sunday, Oct. 31, Wednesday, Nov. 3 and Sunday, Nov. 7 at Ss. Joachim & Anne Parish and Wayanda Park. Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson will be available. Those receiving their first dose will get a pre-paid debit or gift card worth $100.

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