Little Island has plenty to keep the kids entertained while you work. Photo: Felipe Cordero 

Even if you have a backyard with a pool, working from home in the summer isn’t always as easy as it sounds. If you are lucky enough to have a job that allows a little flexibility with your workflow, here are a few ideas for getting outside of the house to work with kids in tow.

New York Public Library: The Fifth Avenue location has some particularly dreamy coworking aesthetics, yet even your local public library is a great place to bring the kids while you work. Let the kids grab some books and get their summer reading time in while you respond to emails. There are also fun free events regularly taking place at branches across the city, so be sure to check the calendar. Learn more here.

Little Island: While there isn’t free public Wi-Fi, if you have a hotspot or can work from your phone, then head to Little Island to tick off some to-do’s while the kids enjoy free artmaking. Called Creative Breaks, these fun two-hour activities range from DIY arts and crafts to dance lessons. Learn more here.

Little Shop of Crafts: If you’re looking for a rainy day activity, head Uptown to Little Shop of Crafts. This walk-in craft studio has a huge collection of pottery, plastercraft, mosaics and more. Let your little one unleash their inner artist while you manage deadlines. Learn more here.

Governors Island: Grab your backpack and make an adventure out of the day’s coworking location. First up, try to snag a seat with a table on the NYC Ferry, which offers free Wi-Fi, so you can begin working while you make your way to this 172-acre former military base. Then, let the kids enjoy various free activities around the island as you enjoy working with a view. Hit up the Hammock Grove play area, the Community Climbing Boulder and Slide Hill. End the day with a bike or go-cart rental before wrapping up work on the ferry ride home. Learn more here.

Cat Cafe: While the kids might not last long at your go-to coffee shop, a cafe that includes cute furry cats might buy you some extra time to enjoy that latte. Koneko is a Japanese-inspired cat cafe that serves espressos, Japanese snacks, and yes, plenty of cats you can adopt. Learn more here.

*Note: If you’re like me and enjoy working outdoors in the summer, there are some affordable laptop tents/sun shades available on Amazon to help with the glare and reflect heat.

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