We’re hiring a revenue manager for a series of news/information/community sites and newsletters: Epicenter-NYC, The Escape Home and The Unmuted. The role is initially part time and freelance with potential to become full time with benefits. Pay is a monthly stipend and commission, depending on experience. The good news is that we are receiving a lot of inbound interest from supporters, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

More on our brands: 

Epicenter-NYC is a community journalism initiative to help New Yorkers get through the pandemic. We launched as an email newsletter but we have become so much more: podcasts, livestreams, events, websites and still more to come. Our business model rests on a mix of grants from foundations and New York City government, advertising and subscriptions.

The Escape Home serves a growing audience of second-homeowners at the intersection of real estate, travel and hospitality. We publish as a weekly newsletter and share content with MarketWatch. Check those stories out here. Users pay us $99/year for a subscription and we have grown tremendously in just a year of our existence. We’re looking to grow offerings and our audience; a Pinterest strategy and an ebook on how to Airbnb your home, for example, are in the works. 

The Unmuted launched as a pop-up newsletter when families in New York City public schools were wondering WTF. (We’re still wondering…) More than a year later, this is our most engaged newsletter and has emerged as a must-read to understand pandemic-era schooling. 

We have some desired skills listed below but of utmost importance is your commitment to community and belief in a multi-pronged revenue strategy as key to the sustainability of journalism. We’d also love someone who speaks a language in addition to English and/or who can traverse multiple communities across New York City. If you don’t have all the things, apply anyway!

Job description: Revenue manager


  • Serve as main partner to identify, pitch and field potential advertisers
  • Assist in strategic planning and budget analysis and planning
  • Brainstorm growth of membership revenue and implement CRM processes
  • Pitch and brainstorm new products and offerings to market
  • Serve as point of contact for URL Media, a content-sharing and advertising network of Black and Brown community media of which Epicenter is a member
  • Contribute to grant proposals and manage grant deliverables and reports
  • Draft and execute contracts and file invoices; work closely with our editorial, operations, legal and accounting partners.
  • Reports to CEO and Publisher S. Mitra Kalita, a longtime media executive

About you

  • 3 – 4 years of experience in sales, business or marketing
  • Financial management 
  • Passionate about digital media, diversity and entrepreneurship
  • Open minded, receptive to feedback, willing to accept ideas from people at all levels
  • Proficient in Excel; PowerPoint; Google Docs
  • Extremely detail oriented
  • Equally passionate about and respectful of small businesses and entrepreneurs as you are about big companies
  • We know this is a part-time job so welcome your side hustle and passions; tell us how we can support you
  • Work remotely, but candidates should live in NYC and be comfortable engaging with communities across the city
  • We welcome folks who took a break in careers for caregiving, change of pace and other life decisions.

To apply, send a memo on how you’d approach the job to mitra@epicenter-nyc.com and cc hello@epicenter-nyc.com.

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