2022 Midterm Elections: Live Results


2022 Midterm Elections: Results

Check out real-time election results from all New York and national races. (Decision Desk HQ is made possible through our partnership with Newspack.)

Rest in Power, Dr. Masci

Dr. Joseph Masci, chairman of the global health department at Elmhurst Hospital Center, died on Nov. 15. Dr. Masci’s work in infectious diseases both inspired and intersected with Epicenter-NYC’s pandemic coverage and Covid-19 vaccine equity…

Ms. Kalita Goes to Washington

The White House celebrated Diwali this week in a big way. The biggest way. So much of diversity, equity and inclusion work tries to find ways institutions might adapt to meet us who have historically not…

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Bring It To The People

This new documentary, which features our publisher S. Mitra Kalita, and volunteer-turned-staffer Sree Bhagavan, offers a new perspective on Covid-19 vaccinations, underscoring complex issues such…

Everyone has Covid … again

Where once Covid-19 seemed like an all-encompassing issue — the specter haunting daily life, at the forefront of every conversation, the first question at every…


Despite Hochul victory, NY Dems drop the ball

After a gubernatorial contest that had tightened to a practical toss-up polling-wise, jostling a sleepy New York Democratic establishment into a last-minute frenzy that included…

The rise of MAGA in New York

When most people think of the MAGA movement’s adherents, odds are that they’re thinking about rural conservatives in southwestern or Rust Belt states, or even…

Breaking down New York’s primary results

We know the results of the (second) primary election can be a little confusing, so we called up our trusted Civics reporter Felipe De La…

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