2022 Midterm Elections: Live Results


2022 Midterm Elections: Results

Check out real-time election results from all New York and national races. (Decision Desk HQ is made possible through our partnership with Newspack.)

More than a fast: What Ramadan truly means

“Not even water?” Starting tomorrow, March 22, Muslims across the globe will celebrate Ramadan, the name of the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. Non-Muslims often associate Ramadan with fasting; those who observe it refrain…

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Mayor announces end to Covid-19 mandate

Mayor Eric Adams on Monday announced that with more than 96% of city workers fully vaccinated, the city will make the vaccine optional for current…

Bring It To The People

This new documentary, which features our publisher S. Mitra Kalita, and volunteer-turned-staffer Sree Bhagavan, offers a new perspective on Covid-19 vaccinations, underscoring complex issues such…


All about the Queens Community Land Act

The Queens Community Land Act is a set of bills that will provide community land trusts (CLTs) and other nonprofits with the resources to create…

Progressive Caucus clashes over police funding

In New York’s City Council, the Progressive Caucus wields enormous influence, with 35 members making it not only a significant block but a supermajority in…

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