As diverse communities grapple with real issues that impact their everyday lives or are under attack due to the political climate or are venturing into entrepreneurship or need access to health resources and information, Epicenter-NYC highlights these stories from within the communities it represents and the neighborhoods it resides and works in across its weekly newsletters. Below is a sampling.

May 16, 2023

This newsletter was published shortly after the tragic killing of Jordan Neely on the New York City subway; it contains a Q&A with Emily May, the president and cofounder of Right to Be, a nonprofit dedicated to providing the resources to respond to, prevent and intervene in incidences of distress, to learn about how to be a more responsible bystander. There is also an interview with New York Indian Film Festival director, film critic Aseem Chhabra; a small-business spotlight featuring a local coffee shop; a roundup of events; ways to give and get help; and work from a local artist.

JULY 6, 2023

This newsletter features an opinion piece in response to former mayor Bill de Blasio’s much-talked about the announcement that he and his wife were separating, but continuing to cohabitate. Civics reporter Felipe De La Hoz writes about how the idea of what a relationship is has shifted over time, with the idea of cross-religious, interracial, same-sex unions and nonmonogamy going from scorned and illegal to broadly accepted. There is also an article about how eligible George Floyd protesters in NYC can claim their share of the settlement; an NYC summer bucket list; and a review of the one-man show “Just for Us.”  

JULY 11, 2023

This newsletter highlights the dangers of using generic, unbranded batteries for electric bikes to a small biz spotlight of a local entrepreneur changing the game with barbershops to a hip hop music artist and comic artist to support for Yu & Me Books, whose store was impacted by a devastating fire.

NOVEMBER 9, 2023

This newsletter features a Q&A with Kalaya’an Mendoza, the director of mutual protection for Nonviolent Peaceforce and a practical guide on how to deal with people who hate you; the biggest takeaways after election day; and an informative article about a free-and-reduced-cost healthcare program.